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Hotel industry is considered to be a significant field in the economic development of the country. It covers a wide range of fields including, travel and tourism, restaurant and recreation. These have an important role in increasing the revenue of the country, establishing foreign relations of mutual trust, understanding, reciprocity and equality, as well as in spreading of culture. The continuous growth of tourism nowadays brings about a rapid expansion in the hotel industry; which in turn has brought an increasing demand for water supplies. Despite the fact that 70% of the earth is covered by water, almost 20% of the population all over the world is still thirsty for clean drinking water.

While 3% is fresh water, two-thirds of this is present as ice in glaciers and at the poles, leaving approximately 1% as freshwater in rivers, lakes, and the atmosphere and in groundwater. With the rapidly growing population water demand is rising, and that 1% is withdrawn for domestic, agriculture and industrial use. Results predict that if something is not done soon, there will be 40% global demand/supply gap of accessible, reliable water supply by 2040.

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Losing it is not an option

How much water does a hotel industry use?

In general, hotel industry uses water in different aspects of operation including guest rooms (25-56%), kitchen operations (20%), maintenance, toilets, laundry, swimming pools (15-20%), landscape management, dining area operation, water features (10-34%), etc. This leads to an incredible amount of annual water consumption per guest.

 Hotel Industry Climate Zone Water Usage Statistics

Average Hotel Water Consumption Per Person Per Day

A global perspective of average water consumption in hotels is showed in the figures below.

 Hotel Water Usage Statistics

Hotel Water Usage Statistics

The real issue with regular faucets is that they dispense between 10 to 20 liters of water per minute but only use a fraction of the water coming out. It basically bounces off the surface of hands and dishes, or even worse, just flows straight down the drain much more than what is actually required. This leads to extreme wastage. Many water management strategies have been established which provides best practice guidelines to promote water conservation. These as well require time, money, labor and resources for planning, organization, training and follow-up. Time and water is slipping through our hands minute by minute, and drop by drop. When will we know its worth? When the well is dry?


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“Don’t let the water run in the sink, our life’s on the brink!”

How to save water in hotels?

Altered Company has made a small contribution to solve this huge problem by creating Altered Nozzle Dual Flow which reduces water usage by an unbelievable 98% while simultaneously retaining functionality, i.e., “Same tap. 98% less water”. Its goal is to reduce the unnecessary wastage of gallons of water to less than one gallon using a revolutionary water-saving design. It is made from lead-free eco brass and comes with dual flow specially designed to increase the everyday efficiency. The mist mode is perfect for washing hands, brushing teeth and washing dishes and greens with 98% savings; while the spray mode is perfect for filling a glass, pots or pans with 85% savings. It provides washing hands in 0.2 liters/min rather than 12 liters/min provided by standard faucets. That means it takes all the water that would slip through our fingers down the drain and puts it into good use.

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How it does that?

Earlier restricting the flow of water was the only solution to saving water. But Altered believes in making things smarter in order to alter things for the better. They wanted to use as much of the water coming out of the tap as possible instead of restricting its flow. The nozzle uses atomization technology, a process of breaking up water into millions of tiny droplets; thus creating a high speed heavy mist, increasing the surface area of the water leaving the faucet. This makes it possible for you to come in contact of much greater percentage of water coming out of your tap, almost all of it. One can wash hands, greens, wash dishes, brush teeth etc, with only 2% of the water compared to a standard tap.

But what is so great if it takes 2 minutes to fill a glass of water? Therefore, if the mist isn’t enough and one needs a larger flow of water like for filling glasses, pots or pans, the Altered Nozzle can be switched to a spray mode. The flow is more like a regular faucet, but still saves 75 percent compared to the original tap and one get all the water he needs.

Besides saving water, it also takes part in making a visual statement. Being good to the environment does not mean that it has to look bad. Hotel industry spends a lot of money into the interior as well as exterior designing of the hotels and they don’t want any part of it to end up inside the drawer just because it is badly designed. Hence, Altered put a lot of effort into designing the Altered Nozzle to not only look as an integrated part of the regular faucet, but also stand out and make a statement. The drop shape of the nozzle makes it easier to switch between Mist and Spray mode. It is super easy to install, fits into your existing tap, and also pays itself in a couple of months while saving tons of water and energy.

So why not spend a few extra pennies at the beginning to have a long term saver.

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