In this era of rapid technological advancements, Bluetooth is a standard that hasn’t still lost its charm.

The functioning of Bluetooth

It is not a rocket science to make a couple of Bluetooth devices to work together, we have to pair them. Many people use Bluetooth simply to share pictures in their mobiles but the heartening thing is that there a lot of other things you can do with Bluetooth.

What are the important things that we can perform with Bluetooth?

Wireless File Transfer

You can link your smartphone, laptop or tablet to your PC and transfer, receive files wirelessly. But note that this is suitable for transferring only small files.


Do you know that you can tether your smartphone to your PC using Bluetooth? Well, for the uninitiated, what is tethering? Tethering involves sharing the mobile data or Wi-Fi connection of your smartphone with your desktop PC or laptop. Generally this is carried out using Wi-Fi for laptops, or a cable connection for desktops. You can also use the Bluetooth connection to tether your smartphone to a Bluetooth-enabled PC.

Home Automation

You can also turn to Bluetooth-powered security appliances to give your home a “smart home” look. Bluetooth powered locks and alarm systems do not require physical settings or remote controls to control their functions.

Yes, you can not only control home security, as mentioned above, you can also switch on and off your lights, control your home entertainment gadgets, with just one swipe on your Bluetooth-activated smartphone’s touchscreen.

Play Multiplayer Games

There are lot of app stores that consist of multiplayer games that can be played via internet connection. But there are several games that can be played through Bluetooth too. Google Play Store and App Play Store offer Bluetooth-based games.

Bluetooth’s relation with cars

Bluetooths and cars have a good relationship. You can make handsfree calls which seems to be less distracting and stops you from juggling your phone at the time of steering.

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Some of the smart home Bluetooth-enabled devices are listed below:

Prepd Pack – The Smart Lunch Box

Prepd Smart Lunch Box

For the aspiring chef, the Prepd Pack Smart Lunch Box helps you to get to know nutritional facts about your food. You can view a food library of innumerable items. You can track and log meals with the prepd pack lunch box. It requires iPad 3 or newer, iPhone 4S or newer and iOS 7 or newer.

Playbulb Color – Multi Colour wireless speaker light

playbulb bluetooth led speaker light


You can just get involved in music with the playbulb color wireless speaker light. Yes, besides offering lighting illumination it also offers sound. You can wake up to your preferred music and color or create the ideal mood for a fun-filled party with Playbulb Color-the Bluetooth-based bulb.

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TrackR Bravo – Bluetooth Tracking Device

trackr bravo genuine tracking device


This is a Bluetooth-enabled product for finding your keys, phone, wallet, and lost items. The misery of losing anything will not be there if you use the TrackR Bravo. You just have to attach the coin-sized TrackR bravo to any item and then use the TrackR app to find it in a jiffy.

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What’s happening in Bluetooth now?

The latest news is that Xiaomi (Chinese smartphone and electronics maker) has unveiled a new compact Bluetooth speaker in India. Named as Mi Bluetooth Speaker Basic 2, it consists of two 2.5w speakers that is touted to give high-definition sound over Bluetooth and analogue connection with your phone, PC etc. This speaker wont also be difficult to carry while travelling. The speaker is touted to offer up to 10 hours of continuous music playback. The battery life is also claimed to be for 10 hours. The frequency ranges up to 2,402 Mhz and 2,480 Mhz. An internal microphone is also provided for noise cancellation.