In this modern world, where “connected home” concept is also gaining momentum, we cannot miss the charm of connected color control. LIFX products have always been a forerunner in colors. They provide brighter and vivid colors.

As a brief introduction to LIFX bulbs, they provide a range of color and white choices that can be managed via smartphone. And as you may know, LIFX bulbs are free from hub and are compatible with Wi-Fi.

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Now as an answer to its lack of support to Apple HomeKit, LIFX had finally gained support for HomeKit. Some LIFX bulbs are now compatible with HomeKit. This includes LIFX 100 mm Downlight, which we are going to talk about now:

What’s there in LIFX 100 mm Downlight?

We always prefer our gadgets to be small. With more and more of advancement, the lights can also be smaller. LIFX is launching the new 100 mm Downlight which is touted to be a comprehensive lighting fixture providing you with bright colors and customizable warm to cool lights. The highlight of this new product is that it emits a mind-boggling 800 lumens from just 13 watts.

LIFX 100mm Downlight review

Your special occasions like dinner parties can be given the right feel with the LIFX 100 mm Downlight. Touted to contain all the required technology and hardware for developing your connected home, this product can be an amazing entry into your world of connected home.

Making use of apps including IFTTT and more, you can be informed about emails and messages just with the flash of a light.

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A couple of Glaring Features of LIFX 100 mm Downlight

The LIFX 100 mm Downlight works with Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and Apple HomeKit.
The LIFX 100 mm Downlight is structured so that it is environment-friendly and energy saving.



The real test to any manufacturer is adding value to every release and making it better than the previous one especially compared to the competitors. That said, the LIFX 100 mm Downlight may be the right answer for all of you who want to see the power of lighting to its fullest.

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