LIFX Beam is the newest entry in the range of smart lighting products offered by LIFX company. Deemed to provide “cutting edge illumination”, LIFX Beam adds various colors of accents to walls. Yes, the LIFX Beam is a set of color-changing light bars and can stick on your otherwise dull wall to give a brighter dimension to your space.

  • As typical with other lifx lights, the Beam supports 16 million colors, along with a range of white shades.
  • There are 10 blended light zones per beam of the LIFX Beam. You can perform various actions including programming and animating with the help of the LIFX app on your android, iOS, or Windows device.

Lifx Beam color changing light bars


One thing to be recalled is that LIFX products connect to a home setup through WiFi and are free from hub.

  • LIFX Beam is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple HomeKit. So the thought of managing the ambient lighting with your voice is something nice, isn’t?
  • LIFX Beam also supports IFTTT which means you can automate your lights depending on different things. You can also integrate it with third party apps including Nest.
  • LIFX Beam supports dimming and can give you an amazing experience.

LIFX Beam new lighting system


LIFX Beam adds more beauty to your décor and can provide you with unique lighting experiences. You just have to unwrap the box, select your layout, and explore different ways to bring light to your beloved area. The Beam kit, which will ship this month (November 2017) consists of six individual Beams, a corner connected piece, and also a power pack.


There is no doubt that LIFX is a strong contender for the list of companies that creates beautiful smart lighting solutions. Besides Nanoleaf, that provides sticking light bars, LIFX is surely proving its mettle in the world of smart lighting. Isn’t?

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