You would be very anxious to fill your blank wall with something beautiful but would wonder how to proceed with it. Well, the LIFX Tile can be the perfect solution for your predicament. Your blank wall can speak a lot of things when your aesthetic sense starts working. Infuse your home with vibrant décor and breath-taking scenes using LIFX Tile Kit. Let your rooms dance with life! Wondering how? This can be done through ambient light art, moving scenes, effects, and themes!

LIFX Tile Explained

LIFX Tile is promoted as a series of five panels that has a beautiful purpose in the walls. When mounted on the wall, it can diffuse light in different varieties of colors. Now go back to the first line. Doesn’t LIFX’s purpose fit the bill?

LIFX Tile Lighting Kit


  • Free from a hub, LIFX Tile connects to your Wi-Fi and can be remotely controlled via an app.
  • There are 64 individual zones for each Tile, and it supports Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant.
  • It should be noted that LIFX added Apple HomeKIt compatibility to its group of smart LEDs and LIFX Tile, a color-changing LED wall panel, is also one among these smart LEDs.
  • Connect with what you enjoy the most, using apps like IFTTT and more, and be informed of emails and messages with the flash of a Tile.
  • This LIFX app is promoted as free for Android, iOS, and Windows.


Deemed to make your space more attractive and bold, the LIFX Tile is a modern answer to making your dull wall glowing with colors. Whether you use this elegant lighting for a traditional purpose or modern purpose entirely depends on your aesthetic taste. But you can rest assured that there is one lighting that is a solution for your interior decoration woes! Most of you won’t deny your liking for such a product!

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