The idea of smart home has become popular so much so that the word “smart” has become an integral part of technology. Well, now your notion of creating a real good smart home can end with a lighting solution. The icing on the cake is that it is an affordable solution.

Meet Qube!

  • Touted to be the first ever affordable wi-fi color changing smart bulb, Qube’s focus is to make every home smart, that too at an affordable rate. This they have started with lights. Well, creating a smart not only depends on managing your lights from your mobile phone. The essence is being “Smart”.
  • Being Bluetooth and wi-fi enabled, Qube lets you to set the color of your choice. Going with the name “smart”, it is able to make out your presence when you are in its vicinity. So be prepared for the ideal lighting mood when you return home after a tiring day!


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Qube Affordable LED smart light

  • Your companion for special occasions!
  • Set up to 16 million colors and give way to your imagination with Qube. Qube lets you create the ideal lighting for any occasion, whether it is a birthday party or a special dinner. Moreover, Qube Schedules sets your lights to warmly wake up in the morning. You are also provided with the feature of accessing your lights from anywhere in the world. Deemed to be have long battery life (22 years), Qube informs you through your lights when you get a call or a message on your mobile phone.


  • What is it that sets Qube different from others?
  • Qube is unique due to its keen focus on home automation. It senses the user getting inside the room with their phone, tablet or any other personal identifiable Bluetooth device. It eventually switches on the lights to the user’s optimal preference when they are nearby. The user need not manually switch on the lights or lighting moods at home from the phone app.
  • Qube is affordable i.e. it costs only $19. Qube is not in requirement of any external hub. It is made such that it acts as a hub by itself.
  • The blend of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth chips within Qube lets it to sense users within the home through the Qube Sense technology. This can pave way to meaningful automations. Touted to keep your home green, Qube lets you to adjust your lights to the best brightness and manage them at the tap of a finger. This can have a positive effect on your electricity bills.

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