Virtual reality was in full swing last year. The HTC Vive and Oculus Rift VR systems were released with much hype about them. And now, Google is continuing to get involved in delivering a great VR experience that is accessible through your phone. This is done through a new platform called Daydream.

Google’s latest Daydream View doesn’t get itself detached from the previous iteration. Apart from being heavier, being more contemplated upon, and relatively expensive, it consists of much of the same features of the previous headset from last year. The experience that you get now is touted to be more immersive than its competitors.

google daydream view headset review


What is Google Daydream actually?

The Daydream View (second generation) claims to have a streamlined design, new fabric, developed optics to widen the field of view, and some new colors to get immersed in.

Google Daydream is a portable VR platform that depends on your phone to provide most of the experience. You can get immersed in some 360 degree videos or fight with wizards! You can be placed in a forest with a screen of apps and media content. You can view around in 360-degrees by moving your head around, but the headset does not trace your position in the room like some other VR headsets do-it is best applicable in a swiveling chair. There are many more exciting things for you to try with this second-generation Daydream View.

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In the Daydream ambiance, you have access to the Google Play Store. You can install, games, apps, or download movies straight in VR. Common media services are also available with virtual reality attached to them. Watching 360-degree content will be your main aim here but still you can also watch regular videos. All this is done with you sitting in a comfortable living room, looking at a large, rectangular screen.

Since its debuting last year, the Daydream View has improved to a reasonable extent. You can watch a plethora of games with Daydream View. Daydream View is available with a controller and one wants more tech stuff in the actual headset.

The Daydream View seems to look more smart given that it has a better fit. There is also an additional strap that goes over your head for more support. You can also take it off if you don’t need it. However, the highlight of this Daydream View is the 10-degree wider field of view.

Priced at $99, the new Daydream View VR headset will go on sale in several areas, including India, later this year.

Bottom line

Google’s second-generation Daydream View elevates the company from the early experiments including the Google’s Cardboard. It also seems to be a well-structured upgrade to an earlier version of the Daydream. If you are keen on having a small choice of virtual reality games and movies, then this product can be an interesting one.