Google’s launching of new smartphones, smart speakers etc. is surely sending signals of a quintessential technology product launch. Now let’s walk through these products:

The Google Pixel Buds can perform a lot of actions. After you have paired the phones to the handset, you can just tap the appropriate earpiece and give a direction to Google Assistant on the Pixel 2. Besides playing music, it can provide you with directions, make a phone call, bring out the translated words as you speak them etc. The reply of the other individual will then be heard by you through the Pixel Buds. This indeed is a groundbreaking technology.

Google Pixel Buds review


The glaring feature of Google’s original Pixel Chromebooks was their touch screen. For the Pixelbook, it is still the same, but at this current scenario, Google thought upon bringing down the screen size from 12.82 inches to a 12.3-inch display. The density is 235ppi. Having a built-in support for the Google Assistant, the Pixelbook is also Google’s first Chromebook in this regard. It’s a well-designed laptop that you can convert into a tablet by means of turning the screen over.

The modern smart phone time, as started by the unveiling of the first iPhone a decade back, has now grown up widely. The new Google Pixel 2 phones are equipped with a 5-inch standard size and a 6-inch XL version. There is a portrait mode equipped on both phones, which is instigated by software, instead of depending on two camera sensors. Google Lens (which depends on Machine Learning) and Active Edge (a user can enable Google Assistant by simply squeezing their Pixel smartphone.) are a couple of features to look out for.

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The Google Home Mini is touted to have a fabric-covered design and Google Assistant Smarts. It is available in three colors and produces fairly high quality sound.

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In line to the smart home speaker is the Google Home Max that has stereo speakers and other premium look and materials. It is touted to be the answer to those who are more fastidious with sound. The Google Home Max can tune its audio to its own limits, gauging the sound coming from the speaker. It also gets the advantage of its built-in microphones to make out the best equalizer settings.

Google Home Max review


Google Daydream View (the upgrade of Google’s mobile VR headset and dubbed as second-generation Google Daydream View) apparently gives the hope of experimenting with virtual reality. It consists of a wider field of view still suiting all existing Daydream compatible phones. Both security and comfort are taken care of in this new headset.

Google VR Headset


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Google Clips is a tiny stand-alone camera that can shoot up to three hours of video and images. Eventually it will automatically choose the best moments. Rather than depending on being connected to the cloud, Clips is quite a self-contained unit.

Google Clips Review


Google Pixelbook Pen allows you to draw and write on the Pixelbook’s touch screen and it is touted to be responsive. You can also ask Google Assistant to look out for items just by circling them.

All of the new gadgets Google just announced


Bottom line

The lineup of Google’s new devices is sure to fascinate you, mostly with a big infusing of AI.