Today’s AI can perform specific tasks with great intelligence. That said, the AI, when a machine can perform activities in a way that is not different from human behavior, is something more anticipated. Besides, having a control over your home through voice would be something really interesting to you. You would have known about voice assistants like Amazon Echo and Google Home.

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Snips, a startup company, seems to be the answer to those who think that Artificial Intelligence means surrendering your privacy. The recently launched Snips Voice Platform, which is touted to be a cent per cent on-device alternative to Amazon Alexa, lets any person to conveniently add voice assistants to connected devices without giving up on privacy.

snips home assistant


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This artificial intelligence-driven device will let designers to embed voice assistant services. The key is that they can embed in any device they make. With each day, voice is becoming the intuitive way to communicate with machines. Snips is promoted to let AI to make machines interact like humans, with the help of language.

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How can you build your own voice assistant?

  • You can create your own voice assistant for free. Then you can select a name and language.
  • You can make your assistant cognize what you speak by selecting from the community-created intents.
  • You can also form and share your intents just by giving some instances. Snips is touted to automatically understand what you want. Then it can generate a plethora of extra examples to train your assistant.
  • You can then install it to your favorite platform. This includes Raspberry Pi, Linux device or Android. The key is that it will execute entirely on-device, with your date being safe and private.


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Snips is touted to be the first private-by-design voice AI that runs on-device and does not rely on cloud. Users should be aware that their personal data will be safeguarded if they are going to let an AI full access. So Snips had tried a solution for this.

Snips Voice Platform


The startup company has created natural language capabilities. Besides, Snips is touted to be multilingual, have specialized language model, working in cross platforms, consists of multi-turn dialog etc. It is also said to work offline.


Voice-activated technology has the chance to become the leading interface over time. Apparently, Snips has developed some promising technology for those who have been seeking the best answer for their queries on Artificial Intelligence.