One of the most loved festive seasons of India, Diwali, is now around the corner. Are you on the lookout for cool gadgets to purchase on this festival of lights? You would prefer to buy for your own or you would desire to gift it to your near and dear ones. Whatever it is, here are some cool gadgets that you can purchase on this festive season.

10 cool new gadgets to buy now


LIFX Z Starter Kit

Price: Rs 11,500

LIFX Z Review

You will be having a feeling to decorate your home this Diwali. Why not try the LIFX Z Strip? Equipped with 8 uniquely addressable color zones per meter, you can express in a distinct way and form the ideal lighting design for your space. Tweak the tone of your rooms with this efficient Smart Light.

Provide a glowing light under cabinets and furniture, behind your television set, and give a sophisticated touch of colorful glow to your home this Diwali!

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Mipow Playbulb Color

Price: Rs 7,819

PLAYBULB Color Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Light



If you are looking forward to add both smart lighting and Bluetooth audio to a room in a simple manner, then Playbulb Color is the right choice.For under, Rs. 10,000, you have the benefit of a smart bulb that can stream music from your mobile to every corner of the home, taking for granted that those corners have the Playbulb Color.

Just add color and music this Diwali with Mipow’s Playbulb Color!

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Mipow Playbulb Garden

Price: Rs 4,555

PLAYBULB Garden Solar Outdoor LED Light

Want to add more intelligence to your garden this Diwali season? Then there is a solar outdoor lighting system that can be personalized depending on your desires, and can provide sufficient lighting to illuminate a home garden. That is Mipow Playbulb Garden for you!

You can create the atmosphere you like and enjoy your outdoors with over 16 million colors to select from with this smart bulb.

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Sony XB65

Price: Rs 6,499Sony MDR-XB650BT ReviewMove away from the inconvenience of a wired headset and involve in the freedom to listen to your preferred playlist wirelessly with the Sony heaset. If you are on a travelling spree, or just walking around, this headset can deliver powerful bass and quality audio. With the help of added depth, you can get the most of music even while travelling in a crowded bus.

So you can think of gifting this headset too this Diwali, besides thinking of illuminating your home with the lighting products.

TrackR Bravo

Price: Rs 2,850

TrackR Bravo Bluetooth Item Tracker

Are you in the habit of losing things? It’s common thing that you would be searching your daily used item like the key for a long time and finally find them hiding in the most obvious location.

So why not gift your near and dear ones, or gift yourself with a Track R Bravo, which is a simple way to keep track of things using your smartphone.

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Garmin Vivosmart HR+ Activity Tracker

Price: Rs 19,500

Garmin vĂ­vosmart HR review

One of your life’s aims will be to stay active everyday. This smart heart rate monitor, Garmin Vivosmart HR+ Activity Tracker shows your bpm 24/7 and also gauges intensity minutes depending on your activity level. Priced at less than Rs. 20,000, this gadget can be one of the best gifts to up the enthusiasm in your near and dear ones this Diwali.

Mi 10400mAH Power Bank (Silver)

Price: Rs 1,599

Xiaomi Mi Power Bank

Mi is an intelligent choice if you want to purchase a Powerbank product. It supports security from over-voltage, short circuit, over-charge etc. These portable chargers are compatible with smartphones and tablets coming from brands like Apple, Samsung, Google etc. So just amuse your near and dear ones with this power bank, which costs less than Rs. 2000, this Diwali!

Godrej Eagle I Smart Plug & Play Alarm System

Price: Rs 3,198

Godrej Security System For Homes

An alarm system helps you to secure your home. So what better way to protect your home with a Plug & Play Alarm System? The Godrej Eagle I Smart Plug & Play Alarm System has a 5-hour power backup and extra sensors to detect most threats. Why not gift your friends this alarm friend which is less than Rs. 5000?

Apple Watch Series 2

Price: Rs 27,999

Apple Watch 2 Review

Apple is greatly known for creating a stir in the field of smart devices, and selecting Apple Watch Series 2 as a Diwali gift would provide them the ultimate joy. You can track outdoor activities including walking, running and cycling in a diligent manner. You will know the map of the path that you took on your iPhone. You can also keep check of your heart rate.

Mipow Playbulb Sphere

Price: Rs 5,371

Mipow Playbulb Sphere Mood Light Review

And finally, a light to change color, dimmed or brightened remotely..that is Mipow Playbulb Sphere for you! It can be detached from its charging base and used pretty much in any place. Being a splendid lighting centerpiece for home decorations, it lets color change as per your mood. Get ready for a superb light show experience this Diwali!

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