Some of you would have completed purchasing gadgets for this season while some of you are still contemplating on buying the gadgets. For the second set of people, ensure that your last minute purchase is worth it.

Here we bring you a list of 4 best gadgets. The point to mention here is that each one is priced below Rs. 5,000, so that it is reasonably affordable to each one of you.

TrackR Bravo

Price: Rs 2,850

trackr bravo genuine tracking device

There are two things in losing; you lose the same item again and again, or you lose different items. Whatever be the case, you can get the benefit of the Bluetooth-tracking gadget, Track R Bravo. You can locate lost items using a smartphone app. So there is no more the frustration of losing your essential items like keys, wallets, etc.

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Boie USA Toothbrush

Price: Rs 3,873

boie future innovative toothbrush

We use our toothbrushes twice a day, well, at least once a day. In fact, we use them everyday. So we need something better than the traditional toothbrush. Boie Tooth Brush could give you what you are looking for in a toothbrush: functional, clean, and environmental-friendly.

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Tile Mate Bluetooth Tracker

Price:Rs. 2,764

tile mate bluetooth tracking device

Keep tab on your keys, wallets or any essential item with the little Bluetooth-tracker, Tile Mate. It conveniently attaches to just about anything. You can check the map for the last known location of your phone when it is lost. It is a fantastic product and the ideal gift for your near and dear ones.

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Mipow Playbulb Garden – Solar LED Light

Price: Rs. 4,555

Mipow Playbulb Garden Solar Light


Are you interested in parties? Do you want to give your outdoors viz. your yard or garden a new dimension? Then the Playbulb Garden-Solar Bulb can be the right choice! Control the color tone, brightness, color, light effects etc. with this smart Solar LED light.

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Are there any other cool gadgets to buy under Rs. 5, 000 in India that we missed mentioning in this list? Share with us in the comments section below.