Christmas is the time to celebrate. You would be wondering which gadget to gift your near and dear ones. Well, we have researched the top gadgets and have pulled together some of the some of the best Christmas gifts for gadget lovers. Most fascinating, innovative and tech-inspired gifts of 2017 are here for your glance.


tech gifts for gadget lovers

Apple AirPods

apple airpods wireless headphones

Apple AirPods created great hype; they were billed to be the best fully wireless earbuds. With their AirPods, there’s nothing to break, nothing to plug in. They also seem to sit comfortably in your ears, somewhat better than the EarPods. The battery life is also good with these earbuds. Equipped with a dual-mic setup, it has decent sonics and good call quality. Their compact size and high comfortability factor are sure a treat for you.


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Prynt Case

prynt instant camera case for iphone

Do you love instant photography? Do you want to bring your cherished memories back to your life, in a physical way? Then try Prynt, the first ever instant camera case for smartphones. All you have to do is connect your iPhone or Android device, take a photo, or select from your favorite social network, and print it out in a jiffy! You can make the utmost use of Prynt when you are enjoying outside with your friends, or capturing an once-in-a-lifetime experience.


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Flic Smart Button

flic wireless smart button

Simplifying home control seems to be the mission of Flic smart button. Flic allows you to create a shortcut to your favorite actions so that you needn’t touch your phone at all. For example, with one Flic, you can create a shortcut to text your loved ones, switch on the lights etc. Not only these, Flic can do many more. The icing on the cake is that Flic is compatible with several devices.


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Penpower BeeScan

Penpower Beescan Handheld Scanner

Experience the convenience of scanning and digitizing documents on the go! Penpower Beescan Handheld Scanner can scan books, images, magazines and papers of any size while you are on the go. The scanned data can also be translated or modified for further applications. This Scanner has Omni-Directional stitching technology, and it automatically connects your pictures besides removing poor lighting.


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Ditto Notification Device

ditto wearable notification device

Bringing simplicity to our world, Ditto is primarily a notification device. There is no need to miss calls, texts, app alerts now. You needn’t even worry about missing your phone. Use Ditto which is slient and discrete. This app is user friendly and lets you to personalize exactly what notifications you get besides filtering out unneeded distractions.


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Google Home

google home smart speaker

Billed to be a totally functional and fun-filled gadget, the Google Home has lots of choices for music. It can also be personalized, providing you information on your travel, weather, and calendar. The response to questions and follow-ups is also reasonably well with Google Home. It also has the capacity to associate multiple accounts and it distinguishes between user’s voices.


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August Doorbell Camera

August Doorbell Cam Pro review

A camera that can alert you to visitors through your existing mechanical chime is the August Doorbell Camera for you. It also comes with more smart functionalities. A built-in 140-degree camera, integration with August’s own Smart Lock, clear two-way communication, and responsive push alerts, this home bell seems to be a clear winner.


iPhone X

Apple iPhone X features

Laced with handheld comfort and a big, beautiful OLED screen, iPhone X’s glaring feature is its face-recognizing feature. It indeed seems to be a breath of fresh air. When it comes to speed and design, it seems to be unparalleled. You will be mesmerized by its modern look, and the gesture-based communications are a thoughtful means of navigating. The animations are also smooth and futuristic. Suppose you are an Apple fan, then this is the phone to purchase.


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Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo review

Hyped to be a smart speaker that can manage your whole home, the Amazon Echo remains one of the great connected home products today. The Echo also seems to be a good listener. Within it are seven noise-canceling microphones that get benefited from far-field voice recognition technology. The Echo also has its scope more than a music streamer, thanks to Alexa.


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