The year 2016 has seen many innovative gadgets from across the world and it has transformed the majority of people’s lifestyle in many ways. ThinkGizmo with IoT as its backbone for gadgets has launched a unique platform for people. We feel obliged to give our readers the top technology stories of 2016. We have shortlisted from hundreds of top gadgets that have made some significant impact in the everyday lives of people. Here’s our exclusive list of top 7 best gadgets of 2016.

1. Spectacles – Snap Videos like a pro

Spectacles Snap Videos

Spectacles by Snap Inc. is super smart and undeniably super-hot to make memories, from your perspective in any instant like walking, running with your pet, playing with your kids, etc. You have the tool now to take moments which you could have never thought possible so far. Press the button on your specs to make a 10-second Snap without interrupting your own view. You can wirelessly add your Snaps to memories on Snapchat. Specs are designed elegantly to charge in their case.

2. Daydream VR – See the world inside out from wherever you are

Google's new Daydream View VR headset

The Google Daydream VR puts you in the action with some of the promising experiences. Explore new worlds: Visit other far away cities, other planets and beyond. Your personal theatre: Watch films on a virtual big screen. Experience events like you’re actually there. Get in the game: Wield a magic wand or fly through space — an intuitive controller puts you in the action. The natural and intuitive Daydream controller lets you interact with the virtual world the same way you do in the real world.

3. Amazon Echo Dot – A Personal Assistant to get things done finally

Amazon Echo Dot Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Sleek and compact compact echo dot has a built-in speaker you can place in the bedroom use it as a smart alarm clock that also turn off your lights or kitchen to easily set timers shop tens of millions amazon products using just voice.

Without lifting a finger or even raising your voice you can use Echo Dot to turn up the thermostat while reading a gripping chapter of a novel from chair, or dim lights from the couch to watch movies.
Echo Dot works with smart home devices like lights, switches, fans, thermostats, and more from Philips Hue, TP-Link, WeMo, SmartThings, Nest, Honeywell, and more. Skills add more capabilities like ordering food from KFC’s, requesting an Ola ride, tracking your fitness with Fitbit, etc.

4. PARKIS- A Vertical Bicycle lift

PARKIS space saving bicycle lift

Indiegogo featured project PARKIS – an easy and smart bicycle parking! It is an automatized bicycle parking lift. PARKIS allows you to vertically park your bicycle without any physical efforts. It lets you free up precious storage floor space about 40%. It is eco-friendly, entirely mechanical equipment, which does not require electricity. The unique design, stylish interior details, easy installation and Maintenance free option make PARKIS more desirable.

5. Paint2it – Take out all the stress out of painting

Paint2iT Pro is the first anti-gravity paint tray to ensure zero spills no matter how you hold it! It keeps the paint perfectly contained even if it is kept upright, upside down or tilted. It can hold up to 340g of paint. Its washable professional liner allows for months of use. It also reduces paint wastage by ensuring an even coat. The adjustable strap fits any hand and the paint pallet can hold up to 6 colours at any one time without mixing into each other.

Paint2iT works perfectly with water base paint, latex, acrylic and chalk paints. It is a perfect painting tool for the pro or DIYer. It is easy to use & simple to clean up.

6. Megasus Horse runners – Take horses out of the Iron Age for good.


Megasus founder charly forstner learned that most of the horses needed to be put down suffered from hoof and leg problems statistics show this is a ubiquitous problem more than insured die because of hoof and leg problems.

MEGASUS HORSERUNNERS are developed for horses and horse lovers. They have Introduced the world’s first clippable runners for horses, using their patented Mega-Lock fastener technology. It is a non-permanent hoof protection that is as easy to put on as it is to take off – just like your running shoes. Individually adjustable side clips are part of our Mega-lock fastener system. The customizable fit makes sure that there is a bullet proof hold on all terrains in every gait. MEGASUS Horserunners offer protection without permanence and provide an only-as-needed solution.


7. Fitbit Flex 2 – A wearable fitness band

The Fitbit Flex 2 wearable wristband is made of a flexible, durable elastomer material similar to that used in many sports watches. It is aimed at making fitness fun, day and night. You can track your steps, distance, calories burnt, time spent on an activity, idle time, etc and then see exercise summaries in the Fitbit app. You can stay connected to your day by getting Call & Text Notifications from Flex 2 as it vibrates. The LED display flashes some specific pattern of colour lights in a way not to miss the messages that matter. Other features are swim-proof & auto sleep tracking.