We all are deeply fascinated by technology. Well, who isn’t? When we purchase a specific innovative gadget, another gadget hits the market. So we are all confused as to which is the better product. Now, we at ThinkGizmo, have carefully selected the Top 10 Innovative Gadgets of 2017, and are laced with innovative features. Hope you also get the same feeling!


Apple Smart Watch Gen 3

apple latest smartwatch

Apple’s latest smartwatch is surely a gadget that is worth considering. With all its hype, the innovation factor of it is also the cherry on the cake. With the passing of each generation, the Apple Watch’s purpose has seemed to have a change. Touted to have a high performance, the Apple Watch 3 is found to have superb battery life when connected to a phone. It is also equipped with great fitness features. And not to miss the Siri factor!

Nest Cam Indoor

nest cam indoor security camera

Isn’t the thought of looking after your home when you are not there heartening? With the Nest Cam indoor, you can see your home throughout This camera does exactly that. Equipped with 24/7 live streaming, a multi-faceted magnetic stand etc., the Nest Cam Indoor aids you in keeping track of what counts for you!

iPhone X

iphone x features and specifications

When Apple reported that the iPhone X is a complete makeover of what the iPhone should be, we were all amused. Substituted by a brand new system of navigation gestures and new Face ID unlocking system, the iPhone X is something that is worth considering. Moreover, for the design enthusiasts, the large screen interspersed with a more palatable size, is something worth observation.

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Amazon Kindle Oasis

kindle oasis amazon

The three things that attracted one to Amazon Kindle Oasis is its cost-effective (compared to the previous Oasis), waterproof and a bigger screen feature. The elegant 7-inch 300 ppi display, will suit in a complacent manner into a squarish, booklike shape. Just like the previous Kindle, you navigate this Kindle mainly with the help of page-turn buttons available on the thicker end of the device. The key feature of this year’s Oasis is its water-resistant nature. Amazon hypes it as a product that can even be taken to a tub. This ebook reader is in lack of speakers but it pairs easily with Bluetooth headphones for listening to books with the help of Amazon’s Audible device.

Nintendo Switch

nintendo switch games

What if you have the liberty to have fun at any place! Nintendo Switch is a home console gaming intended to provide you with fun on the go. You needn’t have access to a television with this innovative product. In this completely new world, you needn’t compromise on your lifestyle-you just let your console do the work of fitting around your lifestyle. Just take the big and attractive display wherever you go.

Garmin Vivosmart 3

garmin vivosmart 3 India

Deemed to be a sleek, comfortable activity tracker that is laced with great features, Garmin Vivosmart 3 consists of a built-in heart-rate monitor and is entirely waterproof. Features including stress-level measurements, rep counter, display of notifications from your phone, are the additional feathers in its cap. Monitor your fitness and well-being with convenience with this feature-packed activity tracker.

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Bowers & Wilkins PX

bowers & wilkins px wireless headphones

Touted to have the best sound from noise-cancelling headphones, the Bowers and Wilkins PX has a commendable battery life too. The design is also an eye-catcher. Besides, these headphones pause automatically when you remove them.

Sony Xperia Touch

sony xperia touch interactive android projector

One of the glaring things with Sony is that it has come up with some experimental products that are meant for the home. The Sony Xperia Touch is a peculiar projector from Sony that turns any surface into a touchscreen. Going beyond the definitions of a projector, this product was hyped to perform as a digital hub for families. There is a unique user interface created by Sony that places a set of information in one location. This can be calendar events, real-time weather data etc. With features like Skype video chat or leaving video notes for your family, the projector can perform any task that you want an Android tablet to do.

Logitech Pop

logitech pop home switch

Logitech’s Pop Home Switch bestows simplicity for even the most complicated smart home setup. Deemed to provide a simple, smart home control for the entire family, you can manage a number of smart home devices wirelessly with just a single press of a switch. You can also swiftly access preset favorite stations when your mobile is not within the reach. Though the setup is simple, this product is considered to be unique in the smart home market.

Google Pixel 2

google pixel 2 smartphone

Hyped to have a commendably enhanced Bluetooth performance, the Pixel 2’s photos seem to be very sharp. The HDR shots are also deemed to be excellent. This phone, equipped with its loudspeakers and enhanced microphones, also has Active Edge, that allows you to squeeze the phone to commence the Assistant.