Losing things is always frustrating. When the thing is dear to us it is more frustrating. Imagine the situation when you have to hasten to meet your friends for dinner and you are lagging by 15 minutes just because you can’t locate the car keys on your purse. Your mind would race back to the places you have lost the item, be it “safely” couched inside the sofa, or somewhere else. You would be letting yourself into the world of “guiltiness” when your key is not found! Well, these frustrating searches could be avoided with a thoughtful item. Yes, it is none other than the Bluetooth tracker. These small devices function in such a way that they attach to your most essential belongings and assist you in locating them when they are misplaced. So the necessity of Bluetooth makes us to arrive at the top 6 Bluetooth trackers of 2017.

What is the need of a Bluetooth Tracker?

We all have sentimental notions attached to our day-to-day items. Imagine the happiness that you get when you recover these missing things after they are lost! The Bluetooth tracker, designed for the purpose of finding your lost items, is indeed a heartening thing. As per our research, here are the top 6 Bluetooth trackers of 2017.


bluetooth tracker 2017


Touted to be the world’s thinnest, this Bluetooth tracker seems to know where everything is. With a replaceable battery, this is deemed to be the most versatile smart button. This tiny device can fit anywhere and assists you in keeping track of valuables. The metal body is such that it can withstand physical impacts and wear and tears.

The icing on the cake of Mynt is that it can be integrated into Tile’s and other crowd-GPS network. It is also considered to provide the most correct tracking. When you attach MYNT to your valuable possessions, your smartphone will notify you if you leave your keys or purse behind.

Mynt also will stop you from losing your phone due to its bi-directional tracking facility. You can install it to beep in case you forget your phone. Another highlight of this device is that the phone will vibrate and ring even if it is on the Silent mode. Not to mention the selfie feature and capture that special moment.

Tile Mate

This is another great Bluetooth tracking device. Although it must be within the reach of whatever you have lost, Tile provides a superb feature: If other tile users are nearer to your lost keys, the Tile present on your keys can still make sound and update its location on the map.

The Tile Mate can also make your phone ring even when it is available on silent mode. This makes it easy for you to find out where you had accidently left your phone. Deemed to be the world’s largest lost and found network, the easy-to-use Tile app keeps track of the last time and location it saw your Tile. The gist is that if you left it in some location, you will always be sure where to look. Due to its small size and great features, the Tile Mate is surely a top contender in the list of best bluetooth trackers of 2017.

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Tile Slim

The Tile Slim, as explicit from its name, is a much thinner version of the tracker. It will fit more conveniently in tight areas like wallets etc. Deemed to be wider and flatter than the original Tile, it wasn’t designed to be a substitute to the original Tile; it’s just another entry in the Tile products. If you prefer, you can also attach the Slim to your laptop, your ID badge etc.

A glaring feature of Tile Slim is that you can choose one of four ringtones for the alert. This is mainly for the fun purpose. However, it can be useful if you have several Tile trackers and prefer a way to differentiate them.

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TrackR Bravo

Track R Bravo boasts a number of great features that is deemed to be so specific to it. Of course, there is the normal suite of functions including distance indicator, phone finder, item ringer etc. But the icing on the cake is that the Bravo has also the knack of tracking items that are not within Bluetooth coverage of your phone. This is due to the gadget’s superb “Crowd GPS feature”. This Bravo has also got replaceable batteries.

Both your TrackR and the connected phone will alert you with an alarm when they are not within the range of each other. With the loud ringer, you can locate almost anything swiftly. With its just .14 thickness, it is super slim!

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Cube Bluetooth Tracker

A tiny attachable tracker, like the Cube, can be swiftly linked to something like a camera. This gives you the additional peace of mind that your cherished memories won’t get lost. Besides its easy setup feature, it has convenient key ring attachment and also presents last known location on map. The design and the small size, which will fit into almost anything, is its highlight. If you are frequently travelling, then this device can be the ideal choice for you.

Honey Key Finder

The Honey Key Finder removes the risk for a difficult selfie stick. It not only functions as a tracking device, it also links with your phone camera. With the touch of a button, you can click a group photo. It is deemed to be the ideal finder for your keys, phones, luggages, wallets etc. It comes with a replaceable battery, and also speakers, and light to make finding simpler no matter where the item is. Not to miss the crowd sourced GPS wherein you can use other Honey owners’ signals, to locate your device.

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