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 What are Estimote’s products?

They are essentially tiny, low power computers attached to walls or objects in the physical world. Using proximity technologies they detect human presence and behavior and trigger pre-programmed actions delivering contextual and personalized experiences.

Estimote Beacon Zone India

How exactly does it work?

Each beacon has a Bluetooth® Low Energy transmitter. It broadcasts tiny radio signals over the air containing unique, location-specific data. Modern smartphones constantly scan for these signals. If they enter their range an associated app responds with the desired action.

For example, it can fetch content that is tied to a user’s profile or micro-location. Apps can also push to the cloud user data or statistics. Personalized content is displayed as a notification or directly in the app. Nearby screens can also respond with relevant information.

It’s an opt-in tech to enhance user experience

Magical experiences and context-aware interactions are possible with compatible apps downloaded by those who opted-in. These apps are built on top of the Estimote SDKs for iOS or Android, where proximity, security and cloud technologies are tied together.

Building an OS for the physical world

This technology stack is making phones smarter, making locations more interactive, even giving ordinary objects a way to communicate information with smart phones or other devices. Estimote has given smartphones extra senses to “see” more of the world around them and know more about their context, opening up an endless set of possibilities for richer, more personalized experiences.

What do I do once I have beacons?

Get Estimote Apps

Use apps and learn everything there is to learn about your Estimote Beacons! From the very basics of detecting proximity, to gathering data from sensors, to securing your beacon network, to inspiring use cases. Get Estimote app & Estimote Edu app – Avaliable on the App Store & Google Play

Estimote SDK and Cloud tie everything together by granting apps access to additional features, including security layer, fleet management, and indoor location.


Estimote Beacons Application India


Create your first app with templates

Check out the Apps section of Estimote Cloud to see App Templates, where you can download a working code sample in just a few clicks. The templates have the Estimote SDK integrated, as well as your beacons’ UUIDs and API tokens for accessing Estimote Cloud API.

 Estimote Beacons Template Online


Create app using our SDK

See other examples and the full Estimote Beacons SDK on our GitHub pages. All Estimote Beacons are supported by our iOS and Android SDKs.


Estimote Beacon SDK Online


Mirror is the world’s first video beacon. When connected to any screen it will show personalized and contextual user content. It’s compatible with our SDK and Estimote Stickers.

Estimote Mirror Development Kit India

Estimote Mirror Beacon Multi color Online

Estimote Mirror Beacon Complete Set India

lifetime:               endless (USB-powered)

range:                   10 m

packets:               2 simultaneously (iBeacon™/Eddystone™)

features:             WiFi, HDMI, communication with smartphones, monitoring beacons and stickers

Mirror allows users to interact with any video screen. Content can be based on multiple sources including mobile phones, beacons, and Web APIs.

The system is basically a Snapdragon processor connected to an HDMI and USB jack. You plug it into any smart TV and it displays notifications when users approach the device with a beacon-compatible phone or you move a beacon near the Mirror. For example, you can hide a beacon inside of a product and when you approach the Mirror it will trigger a video of the item or even an interactive view of all of its features.

Estimote Mirror can not only communicate with nearby phones and their corresponding apps, but also take content from these apps and display it on any digital screen around you.


How do I choose?

Think about your use case:

  1. If you want an app aware of where the user is (e.g. store, museum, restaurant), go with beacons;

Estimote Beacons offer long-lasting battery life and great range, and are usually put on walls, tables, shelves and other static objects.

Choose Location Beacons for maximum battery life and responsiveness, multi-packet advertising, and GPIO connector Or go for Proximity Beacons, the most cost-effective and popular beacons for developers.

Estimote Mirror Beacons Range India

  1. If you want an app aware of what the user interacts with (e.g. a dog, an item on display, a fridge in the kitchen), go with stickers;

Estimote Stickers are much smaller size than regular beacons, which makes it easy to stick them to everyday objects: wallet, laptop, bike, etc. This allows mobile apps to detect these objects—we call them Nearables.

  1. If you want your users to interact with TV screens and displays, go with Mirror;
  2. If you don’t know yet what you’re going to build and just want to test the technology, go with beacons: they’re easier to pick up.


These are a few requirements a mobile device needs to meet to be able to receive signal from beacons.


It has to support Bluetooth Smart (also known as Bluetooth Low Energy or BLE) and needs Bluetooth enabled to be able to detect beacons. Most mobile devices today ship with Bluetooth on by default.

You can find a comprehensive list of BLE-compatible devices on the official Bluetooth site.If content in the app is fetched from the cloud, Wi-Fi or cellular connection is also required. It’s also mandatory if the app uses Estimote Cloud API.


BLE support was introduced in iOS 7 and Android 4.3. You need devices running these or higher versions of mobile systems to interact with beacons. Also, remember that it’s not the smartphone itself that triggers actions based on proximity to beacons. Rather than that, it’s an app that detects beacons by using Estimote SDK or native frameworks by Apple (for iBeacon) and Google (for Eddystone). In case of iOS devices, the app also needs to ask for permission to use Location Services. How to obtain Location Services authorization for iBeacon apps?

Other platforms

In theory, any device with BLE support can detect beacons. However, to ‘interpret’ the signal, it needs Estimote SDK, Apple’s Core Location, or Google’s Nearby API. If you want non-iOS/Android devices and tools to work with beacons (for example you want to use PhoneGap, or build an app for Raspberry Pi), you might need to create these tools yourself.


How does Mirror work?

Estimote Beacons Working Online

Mirror works with any standard video screen– it simply plugs into the HDMI and USB ports. When connected to a TV via HDMI, Mirror reads BLE signals from nearby compatible apps or Estimote Stickers to recieve content, and a programmable rendering engine decides what to display, while USB is used as an endless supply of power. And mobile developers don’t have to learn any new technology to control these large digital displays with Mirror. They can just embed our SDK into their apps so that users can trigger contextual and personalized content simply by approaching screens where Estimote Mirror is installed.

How do stickers work?

Stickers broadcast data packets using two protocols: iBeacon and Nearable. This allows to include more data in the packet itself and still benefit from all the iBeacon features—like putting your app’s icon on the lock screen.


Estimote Sticker Beacons Online

Nearables are everyday items (well, not only items: Winston the English Bulldog can also be a nearable!) turned smart objects. Thanks to the power of Estimote Stickers and the cloud, anything can broadcast data about its location, motion, and environment.

The technology inside Estimote Mirror

From an engineering perspective every Estimote Mirror is a tiny, powerful computer with a full-blown operating system. We embed a System-on-Chip with built-in video processing similar to the one installed in your modern smartphone. Responsive and delightful interactions are possible thanks to a uniquely optimized firmware which we built in to the most powerful BLE chip available on the market. And there’s also Wi-Fi onboard for developers who want to connect to the cloud, all powered by USB, so no additional wires are required. Mirror will be compatible with Estimote Cloud and the rest of our stack and will be shipped with SDKs, documentation, customizable app templates and demo apps exactly same way we ship our other products.

Is Mirror easy to program?

The visuals and content displayed on the Mirror will be developed using our own JavaScript SDK that’s optimized for simplicity and could be used by designers and casual developers without much coding experience.

 What type of user/analytics data is available with Mirror?

Mirror allows users to tap the power of Estimote’s robust analytics platform, but can also tap numerous of other analytics products and services and call down data from almost any source connected to the cloud.

 How does Mirror integrate with other Estimote products?

Mirror not only can use all of the information broadcasted by beacons, but it can also act as a fleet management hub that’s able to remotely change their settings and configuration. Similarly to other Estimote products, Mirror’s configuration and content are accessible through Estimote Cloud API and Web application as well as mobile apps for both Android and iOS.


What are the applications?

Imagine you have a connecting flight and have just landed at your first destination. You likely have your airline’s app installed on the phone in your pocket. Because you’re logged-in, your phone knows your flight time, departure gate and other relevant details, like whether your outbound flight is delayed. When you approach an airport flight monitoring screen, it will simply react to your presence. Personalized content will be mirrored directly from your airline app. It’s the mobile SDK which casts BLE instructions and content to the nearby video-enabled beacon.

Imagine magical experiences without mobile apps

Mirror can react not only to users with installed apps, but also by sensing for BLE signals from objects around it. Content can be displayed on-screen when nearby BLE signals are detected. For example, Estimote Stickers attached to objects will send contextual data when picked up or moved. Mirror will detect these interactions and display content tied to a particular object or gesture. This allows consumers in a retail store to experience magical interactive moments even if they don’t have the retailer’s app installed.

Estimote Mirror Beacons Real-time Application India

Can I have some case studies for scenarios to use Mirror?

Retail: Without any specialized app on their phone, shoppers can see detailed product information, commercials and compare products to have a magical shopping experience.

Advertising: Companies can attract more attention with eye-catching content tailored to consumers as they pass by, tapping into their interest, needs and previous buying habits. Advertising can be either personalized or targeted at larger groups of consumers based on aggregated data.

Smart Cities: Screens are everywhere in the urban landscape, from building to airports to subway platforms. They can now send exacting alerts and mapping, to the audiences who need them.

Arenas and Museums: Ever try to find your seat at a crowded stadium carrying your phone in one hand, and a tray full of drinks and food in the other? With Mirror, your fan experience is made all the more enjoyable, with clear and personalized mapping and messages displayed on the many monitors.

Airports: Travelers can be shown personalized flight information tailored specifically to where they’re going. As travelers move through the airport, screens can update along their path and get them to where they need to be quickly and easily.

Industry 4.0: Estimote Mirror is a perfect addition to modern industrial automation systems working as effective data dashboard and making relevant information available hands-free to workers in factories, warehouses and other industrial settings.

Events, Conferences: Nobody likes it when the event schedule changes and all of the venue signage still shows out-dated agenda. With Mirror such information is not only always up to date, but also personalized and more engaging.

BATTERY LIFE Endless (USB‑powered)
RANGE 10 meters
ADDITIONAL PACKETS connectivity, telemetry, user‑defined

Estimote Beacons-iBeacon style Bluetooth Smart LE sensors

Estimote Bluetooth Smart Beacon iBeacon compatible

Estimote Indoor Location

Estimote Mirror-The world’s first video enabled beacon

Estimote Smart Beacons welcome to the contextual computing era!

Estimote Sticker Beacons- Introducing Nearables


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